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Karen Ellison, Douglas County Recorder

Douglas County, NV

I have had the pleasure of working with Shawnyne Garren since 2008 when I began my career as the Douglas County Recorder.  She is passionate about the office, what we do, who we serve, and how can we do it better.  Shawnyne has been a strong driving force in working with software vendors and assisting with the implementation of the technology that was needed to help improve the services we provide to the public.  Douglas County Recorder and Records Management staffing has gone from nine employees to six because of the improvements of the technology that has been installed with her as lead on managing the implementation and conversion of the various systems.


Her professionalism, knowledge, management and leadership, but most importantly, communication style with the public and staff will continue to benefit this department.   I truly believe Shawnyne Garren will be a strong leader and asset as County Recorder.

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Sherry Ackermann, Senior Escrow Officer

Stewart Title

I first met Shawnyne Garren when she became a real estate agent and I worked at Stewart Title. In the time I worked with Shawnyne as a realtor she was professional, courteous and looked out for the best interest of her clients.


When Shawnyne went to the Douglas County Recorder’s office I was pleased as she had knowledge of documents and the process that goes with recording documents. In her time there my team at Stewart Title works very closely with the Recorder’s office. Shawnyne has always been a person who has helped us to understand the process and has a complex knowledge of the NRS rules and regulations that require her to do her job. Karen Ellison, who has been a wonderful recorder has also trained her staff to have the knowledge and expertise to run the office in an utmost professional manner. Shawnyne possesses the necessary management skills, professionalism and knowledge to be the next recorder.  She has my support for the next Douglas County Recorder.

Rishele Thompson, Escrow Officer

Ticor Title

I have had the pleasure of working with Shawnyne for over 15 years! She is extremely knowledgeable, ready to help and eager to educate.

When I have a question about recording documents for a transaction I am handling Shawnyne is always my first call.

Keyna Vandervort, Former Appraiser

Douglas County Assessor

I first met Shawnyne in 2014 when I began working for the Douglas County Assessor's Office. Her knowledge of, and experience with, the different documents and procedures at the Recorder's Office was immediately recognizable. I knew that if I ever had any questions regarding such, she would be able to help in finding whatever information was needed. Beyond her knowledge and drive to continually improve the methods and technology in the Recorder's Office, she has always remained open, honest, and professional with everyone I have seen her come into contact with. Her positivity and friendliness are contagious, and working across departments with her was always a complete joy. 

I believe that Shawnyne will be an excellent Recorder. Not only because she has working knowledge and experience in the office, but also because she truly cares. Her management and leadership skills have been honed and refined for this opportunity and as the Douglas County Recorder, I believe she will continue to be a strong leader for this community into the future. 

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